Vatican II – Today

In 1962, Pope John XXIII called the second Vatican Council. The documents of Vatican II were in the main filled with a naïve, worldly spirit, showing an attitude towards the world which was completely contrary to the one the Church had always had. Vatican II marked the return of Modernism; this time it came to the surface and inspired many of the documents of the “pastoral” Council. This was particularly manifested in the new, erroneous teachings of ecumenism, collegiality and religious liberty.

Vatican IISince the Council, error has been rampant in the Church. The false ecumenism taught by the Council has lead to the scandalous inter-religious meetings of Assisi under Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI, which have led to a general undermining of belief in the reality that the Catholic Church is the one and only Church of Christ. The false notion of collegialty has led to a lack of clear, authoritative teaching from the Popes and the bishops – democracy has taken hold in the Church. Finally, the false teaching on religious liberty has led to the complete separation of Church and State in many formerly Catholic countries and to an exaggeration of the importance of the individual conscience, particularly in relation to matters where morality and society cross (such as abortion, divorce, homosexuality).

While the number of Catholics and the number of vocations has been in decline since Vatican II in the West, the Church is growing to this day in Africa and Asia. However, there is a very large question-mark over the quality of the conversions that are taking place on these two continents, especially in Africa. The quality of the vocations in Africa has also been questioned, with fidelity to celibacy being a major concern.

In the West (as in all parts of the world), growth is evident where the Traditional liturgy and Traditional teachings of the Church are promoted. This shows us that the solution to the current crisis in the Church is a return to Tradition. At any rate, the promise of Christ to His Church will not and cannot fail and it will rise out of this terrible crisis in due time.






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