Edict of Milan – 8th Century

Before sixty years had passed after the Edict of Milan, swarms of barbarian Huns, Goths, Vandals and Visigoths started moving in their millions from the north into the civilized European countries.


City after city surrendered, until Rome itself was taken and the darkness of barbarism covered Europe. But the missionaries and teachers of the Church mixed with the barbarians, returned with them to their countries and brought light out of darkness once more.

Saint Patrick was sent to Ireland and converted it to Christianity. Saint Augustine in England and Saint Boniface in Germany changed those nations into followers of the cross of Christ. The idol-worshipping Franks followed their King Clovis into the Church. At the end of four centuries, the cruel and savage barbarians of Italy, Spain, France, Germany, England and Ireland were Christians. They became civilised, progressive, settled in peaceful cities, building churches and carrying on trade.

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