Suicide is a delicate issue in Ireland today. So many people, young and old, have been affected by it in one way or another.

Anyone who is tempted to commit suicide should stop immediately and turn to God – He is a loving Father and will either take away your suffering from you or help you to accept it. Our existence goes beyond this life, and if we are faithful to God, we will be happy one day with Him in heaven forever. As the Bible says: “And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes: and death shall be no more, nor mourning, nor crying, nor sorrow shall be any more, for the former things are passed away”.

Look for medical help as well. Talk to someone who will understand you and who will be able to help you put things into perspective. Things are definitely going very badly for you, but a problem shared is a problem halved (or, at least made a little bit lighter!).

Never despair of the salvation of someone who has committed suicide. God alone knows if they acted responsibly or not; maybe they had a chance to say sorry to God before they lost consciousness. Pray for their soul.

But, this cannot take away from the fact that suicide is a mortal sin which sends the soul to hell forever, if the person acts responsibly and if they do not repent before finally losing consciousness. This is because God gave us the gift of life with the condition that we look after it and preserve it insofar as we can. It does not belong to us, so we have absolutely no right to end it, under any circumstances whatsoever. If I donate €1,000 to a charity with the condition that it be spent on feeding the poor, how angry would I be if the charity decided to spend it on buying clothes for the directors instead?

Suicide is perhaps the most selfish act a human can commit. It destroys those people who are left behind. It is not an answer. Do not do it!

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