Homosexual acts are an abomination and sins which cry to heaven for vengeance. In 21st century Ireland, this will be seen as harsh and intolerant, but it is nonetheless the truth.

God created us human beings as two sexes – male and female. When a man and woman come together, the result of their sexual union is a child. This fact proves two things:

1. God intends the sexual act as a means of conceiving children, new human beings to carry on society and the Church. The pleasure attached to it is only secondary.

2. As a logical consequence of the above, God intends only those of opposite sexes to have these unions. Only heterosexual unions produce children.

Contraception is already bad enough, but homosexual acts are a step worse. The union of a man a woman who use contraception is at least open by nature to conception. Their using contraception prevents conception in most cases, but it can “fail”. Homosexual unions always “fail” because by their nature they are always and everywhere closed off to the God-given purpose of this act – the conception of children. This is why homosexual acts are a very serious sin, even more serious than contraception.

Homosexual acts are the epitome of selfishness. They are the fruit of the contraceptive mentality pushed to its ultimate conclusion. They are the pinnacle of selfishness and individualism because they rob the sexual act of its eminently social purpose – to provide society and the Church with a future based on strong and numerous families.

Whether or not individual people are born with so-called “same-sex attraction” is irrelevant. Both Reason and Revelation tell us that this attraction is NOT NORMAL. In itself it is not a sin to have “same-sex attraction” (even though it may be the result of other sins), but it is a mortal sin to act out on it. A particular individual may also have an attraction towards stealing, but that doesn’t make it right for him or her to steal, does it?

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