Is There a God?

Go into any university in Ireland and you’ll notice the signposts for “Departments” of all kinds – Departments of medicine, zoology, botany, biology, physics, chemistry … Why all these Departments? Because there are so many branches of science. Each branch focuses on one particular aspect of reality and tries to discover (or deepen our knowledge of) the laws which govern this reality. Medicine studies the laws governing human health, botany studies the laws governing plants etc….

Now, science is progressing every day and there are always new discoveries. However, even though we’re far from knowing everything, it’s absolutely clear that nature is full of order, organisation and precision. For example, scientists have recently discovered the existence and functioning of molecular motors made up of proteins – they are like man-made motors, but on the sub-microscopic scale! But, you don’t even need to be a molecular scientist to see that nature is ordered and organised. By simply looking at a human body, we can see that it is an organised whole – the heart pumps blood around it, the legs move it, the eyes guide it, etc…

But, wherever there is order, organisation and precision, we know that there is a design. And wherever there is a design, there is an intelligence which has done the designing. Look at your car – see how complex it is and how it is composed of thousands of parts, all organised in such a way that they work together to make the car do what it does. Now, what would you say if someone tried to tell you that all those parts just came together by chance, that there was no design engineer behind the process? You would laugh in their face!

But, if that’s the case for a car, why would it not also be the case for the universe, which is infinitely more complex than a car? And what about the human eye, an amazingly complex structure? What is one eye compared to the entire universe?

No! Common sense tells us that the universe and everything in it has been designed by an extraordinarily intelligent being. This intelligent designer of the universe we call God.

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