Anyone who questions feminism in any way runs the risk of being labelled a “chauvinist”, if they happen to be male; “weak-minded and subservient” if they are female. But, the very fact that there are different labels for critics of feminism depending on their sex, takes away the very foundations on which feminism tries to stand!

Feminism pretends to be the saviour of women because it abolishes the differences between male and female. Of course, it can’t deny the physical differences, but it does try to say that men and women have exactly the same role in society. They are completely equal, it says.

However, in reality feminism is the enemy of women and should be called “masculinism”. Why? Because, actually it destroys everything which belongs naturally to the woman and reduces her to a sort of second-rate man. It makes out that there is no such thing as the feminine; everyone, male and female, has to have masculine qualities.

This is very evident in the family circle. Traditionally, the mother’s place was considered to be in the home. Now, this was not so that the mother would be a prisoner there, while the man was free to roam where he wished! It was simply because society realised that the home NEEDED the mother in order to function properly. The mother was the heart of the home.

Feminism says that the mother should be free to have a career, just like the father. But, in doing this, it denies her the fulfilment which she would get from carrying out the role which nature has given to her. Instead, not long after she has given birth to her children, she feels obliged to abandon them to the cr̬che, spending her already stressful day worrying about how they are getting on. And the home suffers РMammy is not there when the school-children get back, there is no dinner etc.. The home loses its heart Рand without its heart, it will die. How many Irish homes are dying right now for this very reason!

The antidote to feminism is for women to find their true dignity again. This dignity lies in accepting the beautiful nature which God has given them, not trying to mimic men. Women, men, children and society will be the better for it.

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