Is the Catholic Church against contraception? It might come as a surprise to you to learn that, yes, it is. But, why is it against it?

The main purpose of the sexual act is to conceive children. The pleasure attached to it is secondary, just like the pleasure we get from eating is not its main purpose – nutrition is. God attached great pleasure to this act precisely to encourage humans to have children.

This act is not just a matter for the married couple; it’s fundamentally a matter for society and the Church. This is because it is through it that society and the Church are perpetuated. If there were no children or fewer children, society and the Church would suffer or even die.

So, to make pleasure the ultimate goal of this act, to the point of excluding its real goal – conception – is to pervert the order which God has made. This perversion is an extremely serious sin because we are dealing with an extremely serious matter, which involves the future of the human race. This is contraception.

What a privilege it is for human beings to be able to co-operate with God in bringing new life into the world! What an amazing process conception is, and yet we think we can just stop it all because we prefer to have pleasure without consequences! No! We did not create this process; God did. So, we cannot just twist it to suit ourselves.

But contraception not only seriously offends God, it destroys us as well. It is selfish and self-centered. The man and woman end up just using one another, they become simple objects of pleasure, like animals. This will lead to a breakdown in trust, eventually on to divorce. The couple are depriving themselves of the fruit of their love, leading them to realise that their relationship is selfish and empty.

God has designed us in a certain way, but if we don’t follow His blueprint, we will destroy ourselves, just like putting diesel into a car designed to run on petrol will just destroy the engine.

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