Marriage Troubles

Whatever your marital problems, know that they won’t go on for ever, everything in this life is passing away. We are in an audition for Heaven. Can we love? That is the real question.

We want everything to be easy – we want life without the cross – but though we may push the cross away it always comes back. A difficult marriage is indeed a heavy cross. In all our trials we have to have true hope. A cross faithfully born leads to the everlasting joy of the Resurrection. We may have to suffer for a short time in this life but in all our trials we must keep looking forward to eternal life in Heaven.

Catholic marriage needs to have Christ at its centre. This is not just a pious aspiration. Christ speaks through His Church – what she has always taught. The Church’s teaching on openness to new life as well as the roles of husband and wife are important signposts to a happy and holy marriage. The modern world pushes mothers into “the workforce” taking them away from their extremely important job of being mothers. This attacks the sanctuary of the home.

The devil is hard at work, trying to destroy each and every family by undermining its very foundations of Faith and fidelity and by exploiting and exaggerating simple misunderstandings. The best weapon against the devil is prayer. As Fr Patrick Peyton famously said “The family that prays together stays together.” If you want to upset the devil’s plans, start praying in the home – preferably together.

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