Weekly Mass Attendance in Ireland (1973 to 2012)

Priest Numbers (Ireland) 1920 to 2028

Polls on matters of Faith and Morals

Note: The following results are from polls taken by groups with a vested interest in the destruction of the Catholic Church in Ireland. However, their results unfortunately appear to tally with everyday anecdotal evidence. They are not surprising, given the lack of teaching over the past 40 years.

Also, note that the purpose of publishing these results is not to imply (as the groups who carried out these polls do) that Catholic Church Teaching is somehow dependant on the opinion of the people. Instead, the purpose is to demonstrate scientifically what happens to the ordinary faithful when their Bishops and priests no longer teach them.

 The Catholic Church, the One, True Church

 The Church’s Teaching on Homosexuality

 The Church’s Teaching on Sexuality

 Married Priests

Women Priests


Communion for Those Living in Mortal Sin




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