30 Second Pitch

MassRock_sm2Ireland is, like the rest of the world, experiencing a monumental crisis of Faith. Our ancestors endured dungeon, fire and sword because they were unwilling to relinquish the most-precious gift handed down to them from St Patrick, the Catholic Faith.

The real problem today is that a counterfeit religion is being proposed, a bit like at the time of the “reformation” (really the deformation). People think that they are attending Catholic ceremonies with priests who believe in the Faith, but all too often they are being led astray by a heavily edited version of Christ’s message. But we cannot change the words of Christ, not one iota. We must accept His Gospel whole and entire, or we do not really accept it at all. Only this complete surrender to our Saviour can truly set us free.

Far too many Catholics in Ireland are being malnourished by a lukewarm creed, one that denies the very fundamentals of the Christian life. How many truly believe in the awesome reality of Baptism? – that in this Sacrament the soul is cleansed of original sin and that through it we become adopted sons of God and heirs to His Kingdom. How many now even know about Sanctifying Grace? – the great gift of Baptism whereby God Himself dwells in our soul. How many are aware of the reality of mortal sin? – any transgression on a serious matter done with full knowledge and full consent that evicts God from our soul, when we say “I prefer this created good to the Creator.” How many have a healthy fear of going to Hell? – the understanding that if we should be so unfortunate to die in a state of mortal sin we will most certainly endure an eternity of unimaginable torment, forever separated from God. How many see the immense joy and liberation of Confession? – the restoration of the soul back to God, and what about the True Presence of Christ in the Blessed Sacrament? The list could go on and on…

The time has come to say “enough is enough!” The time has come to fight back! If we turn to St Patrick, the Holy Irish martyrs and the countless other wonderful Irish saints, we can and we will reclaim this great land for Christ – and so it shall, with God’s help, once more be known as the Isle of Saints and Scholars!

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